A yes Vote Means Jobs

Thousands of new, local, good-paying jobs

Voting yes for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Bristol means thousands of new, good, local jobs once the site is fully operational, including:

Over 2,000 direct jobs with an average total compensation of $46,500; and
1,485 indirect and induced jobs.

A yes Vote Means Revenue

Tens of millions in annual tax revenue for the city

Bristol, VA is estimated to gain $16-$21 million in new annual tax revenue, which could equal nearly half of the current city budget.

That’s new revenue for teacher salaries, hiring more first responders, improving education, eliminating the city debt, and building new infrastructure.

A yes Vote Means Tourism

Millions of out-of-town visitors

More than 4 million annual casino visitors once fully operational with 80% coming from outside the region. Those visitors will be spending their time and money all across our city and area, benefiting local businesses here in Bristol.

A yes Vote Means Community

Billions into our economy over the next decade

Over the next ten years, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Bristol will bring billions of dollars in economic development to Bristol and the surrounding region.

Hard Rock is also committed to being a strong community partner in Bristol and in the region. The company works to improve lives, help communities, and sustain the earth. Through philanthropy, they invest in efforts that advance health, wellness, social conditions, economic well-being, disaster relief, and environmental sustainability. And they pride themselves on giving back to the communities in which they operate.

Learn more about Hard Rock gives back