Hard Rock and United Company Leaders Share Personal Insights on Project’s Goals and Vision and the future opportunities for Bristol, Virginia

BRISTOL, VA (October 1, 2020) – Today, the ‘Vote Yes For Bristol’ campaign committee released a new video featuring two of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Bristol project’s partners and co-chairmen of the campaign committee. Jim Allen, Chairman of Hard Rock International, and Jim McGlothlin, Chairman and CEO of The United Company, speak directly to Bristol, Virginia voters about the many benefits of the project.  The video shares the vision, commitment and opportunities for Bristol, VA residents and the surrounding communities that would benefit from the new Hard Rock Resort that would be built on the site of the old Bristol mall. The video can be viewed here. In the video, Jim Allen, Chairman of Hard Rock International, remarks, “The jobs are so impactful. I started in this industry in 1979. I started as a cook so I think I’m living proof of an example that in this industry there are so many different avenues where you can frankly grow and create a career for yourself and for your family. Hard Rock would be honored to be a part of the community of Bristol.” Jim McGlothlin, Chairman and CEO, The United Company, spoke about the project’s many benefits for Bristol, Virginia and its role as a catalyst for economic growth across the region, noting, “Employment; revenue for the city; rebuilds our schools; our teachers, our police and our local people are going to be working. I think it’s going to be a real success story for Bristol. I can tell you I’m going to do everything I can to make it be as close to perfect as it can be.” McGlothlin added, “Jim Allen and his associates have the same moral standards in life that we do. Wherever they go they are looked on as being ethical and honest, and they want to do a great job.” Throughout the approximately two and half minute video, the two job creators continue to share their vision of what the project will mean for Bristol, Virginia, highlighting that it will mean jobs that turn into careers. It will mean incomes that support families with a living wage, providing security and stability. It will mean training opportunities that lead to better pay and financial independence. It will mean a new local business that invests in its employees and its community, with a long-term commitment. And that it will mean a regional economy that can support the next generation of workers. In addition to this video, the campaign also released a new video of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Bristol model unveiling, as well. That video is an opportunity for voters to see the plans for the proposed new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino that would be built if the referendum passes on November 3, 2020 in the upcoming General Election. The model video can be viewed here. Voters in Bristol, VA can request a mail-in ballot or may vote in person prior to Election Day. The casino referendum ballot is on the back of the ballot for Bristol, VA residents who are being asked to vote yes for the proposed casino referendum so that the new Hard Rock resort can move forward. For more information about ‘Vote Yes For Bristol,’ including a list of residents, small business owners and local leaders supporting a ‘YES’ vote in the referendum, please visit yesforbristol.org. ###